Friday, July 11, 2008

Blessings, Blessings!

I wanted to share the blessings my daughter has had this summer. I've already written about her first youth trip this summer, she needed approximately $90 for meals and God provided exactly that amount the week before she left through two babysitting jobs. When she got home from that trip, she was home just two days before the youth group would leave on their second mission trip of the summer. She again needed meal money for the trip, approximately $30. She was asked to help someone mow four lawns on one of those days she was home. For how much? $30, of course.

This month, the youth minister has planned a reward trip for the youth to go to an amusement park in Ohio. My daughter wasn't planning to go because she needed to pay a small deposit and she didn't have any money. But, guess what? They leave on Wednesday, and someone just asked her to babysit on Tuesday. Once again, God provides in His perfect timing. It is so precious to see such precise answers to prayer. EDIT: I forgot to mention that because my daughter wasn't able to pay the deposit ahead of time, she shouldn't have been able to go. But, because of a problem with our youth minister's computer he accidentally bought a couple of extra tickets to the park. So, of course, he is now allowing her to pay that deposit late and have one of his extra tickets!

I have some wonderful stuff to share from this week's Bible studies. I hope to have time to write about it soon!


LynnSC said...

God's timing is absolutely perfect. Well... Actually God is absolutely perfect, what do we expect.

Thanks so much for sharing this... it really gave me the encouragement that I needed. Things are tough here. I am still trusting His plan.

Leah W said...

i love it i love it i love it

when your daughter looks back on this summer she will always remember how well her FATHER provided for her and will continue all the days of her life!

Gabby said...

I just love when God strengthens the faith of His youngest. What a woman of faith she will be one day when she looks back in the faithfulness he has shown her time and time again! Amen!

Kellye aka Miss3H said...

On of the things I always tell my hubby in trying times is that the Lord will work it out, He always does. And He really, really does. He cares for the sparrows and for us. =)

Leah W said...

yep, it is a new blog. i have been getting into coupon shopping and "CVSing" as they call it on the internet :)

i always check up on you to see what God is doing!

Puddintane! said...

oh wow i have been reading threw your post and am in awe at what god has done and it.. renews me to read it! i know god is with me and i walk with him but we all need time from time to see how you "works" with us and takes care of us. and how he has blessed your family and keep you safe from the storm. i know i have nothing to fear from hard times now thank you for sharing your trials and blessings with us and praising god for all.